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Although overseas prices are attractive at first, you'll learn that our quality combined with our customer service will save you money and labor -- which will ultimately increase your profit.

New Order Fee
1,000 stitches US$2.5
Minimum charge US$9
Urgent service Free
Sewout Free
About edit Fee
Minor Editing Free
Major Editing US$2.5/1,000 stitches
Editing Files not made by ShareLogo
(charge by over stitches)
US$2.5/1,000 stitches
Format Conversion Free

If the editing files are digitized by our side, we provide free edit for most of the designs. But if the original artwork or the size changed beyond 20%, we have to charge the cost or the additional cost since we need to re-digitize the logos to ensure the quality.


If the editing files are NOT provided by our side, to guarantee the quality of the files, I have to say sorry to let you know that generally, we can't edit the existing logos except add extra part on your existing files or you can supply the original file by digitizer, not the converted file. So we always suggest our customers to re-digitize some part where quality problem have. All what we do is just for the quality passed.


Normally, the final effect will be influenced by some uncertain factory, such as the sewing machine , the thread, the needle, and the material is one of the important factory also. In order to make the design more exactly based on your demand, may we ask for the scan of sew-out sample from your place, which will be helpful for us to find the best solution to solve the problem.


Our work is guaranteed, You will not pay until it meets your demand.

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